Imagine A Bulimia Treatment Programme That Gives You Freedom From Bulimia At Last

And Helps You To Feel Confident, Vibrant & Renewed!

“Are you suffering from the harmful effects of bulimia, like:

  • Feeling eternally hopeless and beyond help
  • Stomach bloating and discomfort
  • Trapped inside the vicious binging and purging cycles
  • Problems with sensitive teeth,enamel wear, acidic corrosion, tooth loss, decay
  • Swollen glands that make you feel “fat”
  • Getting depressed when you look in the mirror
  • Isolation & frequent panic and anxiety attacks

Do you wish you could get your hands on a bulimia treatment which would put an END to these frustrations & problems, and help you to feel confident, healthy & vibrant permanently – with the right help?

Hello, my name is Vathani Navasothy, I’m an eating disorder therapist ¬†specializing in helping bulimia sufferers kick the bulimic, binging and purging habit once and for all.

As a well established bulimia therapists, with clients world over, and having been routinely featured on TV shows like Living TV and radio programs like BBC Radio 4 , including feature articles in newspapers like The Guardian – I know the devastation of what you face daily!

I can show you how to create new, winning habits, and help you emotionally & behaviourally adopt a more healthy lifestyle, using a proven program that I’ve been teaching for over 20 years!”

To Learn More About The Bulimia Treatments And How You Can Free Yourself From Bulimia, And Live A Healthy, Balanced, and Happy Life, Choose From The Options Below”

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Bulimia Treatment Options

One-On-One Counseling One-On-One Counseling

Protect your privacy and accelerate your recovery with private one-on-one counselling.

Ask an Expert Ask an Expert

Do you have a burning question? Get a full and thoughtful answer from me, Vathani Navasothy.

Break-Through Session Break-Through Session

Experience deep and immediate results with a one-on-one Break-Through Session.

Bulimia Treatment Options

Home-Study Program Bulimia Self Help

Take control of your own recovery, with our bulimia self help home-study program.

Beat Bulimia Workshop Beat Bulimia Workshop

Gain new insights and learn powerful strategies to help recovery at a Beat Bulimia Workshop.

Group Counselling Group Counselling

Get support and help from your peers, in group counseling sessions.