Bulimia Treatment Workshop: Your Pathway to Recovery (BEAT BULIMIA Workshop In London By Vathani Navasothy)

Bulimia Treatment Workshop In London – Sat. 3rd February 2017

Beat Bulimia is a one-day workshop developed and led by Vathani Navasothy from Bulimia Hope and Awakening Dawn: Eating Disorder Counselling & Training services. It is currently held in the heart of London and created as a tool to help people overcome their bulimia, provide tools for bulimia treatment and continuing bulimia recovery. If you are looking to kick start, this is a Must Attend workshop!

The Bulimia Treatment workshop in London, is a pathway to recovery and delivers a powerful experiential transformation on your inner journey toward self-awareness. We deal with the problems inherent in a life consumed by binge eating and purging, and the personal journeys of others in this small and supportive group will further add to your growth. It will help to identify your own inner strengths and resources to beat bulimia, enjoy a successful life, and empower you with new ways of caring for yourself.  This VIDEO explains, do take a look : Bulimia Treatment London

You will learn

  • Effective strategies to help you to gradually stop bingeing, stop vomiting, taking laxatives or diuretics
  • How to effectively handle past events holding you back and move on successfully
  • How to be assertive and communicate in a way that will allow you to get to what you want
  • New ways to cope with stress and anxiety rather than turning to food
  • How to master a set of strategies to help you let go of guilt and shame from the past, and build a more empowering future
  • How to effectively deal with self-sabotage and toxic relationships
  • Natural and creative strategies for your every day problem solving
  • How to understand your mind and how it can keeps locked onto bulimia, how it creates and responds to both the past and future events
  • How to choose how you feel, instead of being a victim of events and people around you
  • How to motivate yourself away from relapsing and get through the hard times
  • How to set and achieve realistic weight, shape and size goals

You Will Benefit

If you are someone that suffers from Bulimia or is trying to recover from bulimia, and who wants to live life in a state of self-harmony and personal fulfilment away from daily struggles, depression, self-hatrid- then this one day Beat Bulimia workshop will open some doors and let HOPE back in for you!

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Workshop Outcomes

Find out how your feelings, habits and thoughts have been impacted by experiences in your past, as you pinpoint patterns of behaviour that affect your relationship with food. Patterns which have a serious impact on your relationships with your family, co-workers and friends.


You will be part of a safe and confidential small circle of people with similar challenges and wants for the future so that you can learn from them and see things through other eyes. A great deal of time will be available to address needs of the individual in addition to all the issues that are important in the lives of people who suffer from bulimia.

Moving Forward

Vathani will see to it that when you depart, you will have information regarding all the new skills and insights that will be helpful to you in the future. Life can take on new meaning when you no longer are held prisoner by bulimic thoughts, feelings and actions. The goal of this workshop is a good start as a first move towards a healthy, new you, and a new life.

Ongoing support is available for those needing personal Coaching or therapy after the workshop. As a delegate of this workshop, you can expect to take advantage of discounted fee for this follow-up support.

Workshop Details

Date: Sat. 3rd February 2017 ( Usually repeated in  February  & September Only)

Time: 9.30 am – 5.00 pm (Sat)


Balanced Mind Clinic (1st Floor),

201a Victoria Street

London SW1E 5NE

Nearest Train stations:  Victoria station
Click on link to see where we are on the London MAP:

Want more details of the Course content, email Vathani !

Your Bonuses

  • One Hour F2F or Telephone/ skype session with Vathani , a week after Workshop – currently worth £79, FREE for you to spot check your own issues.
  • One hour Follow-up webinar with Vathani , along side your workshop group friends – usually valued at £75 for Group Coaching – so you can keep up the momentum after the workshop.
  • Access to limitless e-mail communication to Vathani. Clients find this a priceless support !
  • + Course Handbook to take away with you!

Your Investment

1 Day Workshop: £129

Booking in Advance ONLY. To make payment please click below:

Eventbrite - BEAT BULIMIA Workshop In London
Alternatively you can send your payment via this Paypal email (including safe credit card transactions)  :


For any telephone enquires, ring : 0756 124 3371

Here are some comments of what Vathani’s previous Workshop Delegates said:

“Thank you very much! Today I had a lovely swim with dolphins. They were kissing me and hugging me. What a wonderful feeling! This picture will be on top of my tree. Lots of love and thank you for giving me all the nice tools & methods – especially the positive energy to enjoy all that! Good night!” – Text from L, from Crawly holidaying in Mexico – 3 weeks after workshop.   

“I really enjoyed it, it was great to meet other people in the same situation and feel I was doing something positive. The organiser was very enthusiastic and approachable and appeared to be interested and empathetic. The exercises were fun and thought-provoking.” – K from Bristol

“I thought it was really good and very relevant and helpful – much more so than anything I have been able to access via the NHS. If the workshop was spread over 2 days then it might be easier to absorb everything ..so many useful things covered but my attention span is poor at the moment!” – Fay from London

” V, your enthusiasm, understanding, and insight into our problems is fantastic! The continued support is essential which is amazing and is perhaps the main thing that is really influencing me to stay on track.” – Jo from Southampton

“The workshop was excellent, facilitated wonderfully! I just wish there was a V up here beside me!!! If you ever clone yourself, send your clone (or you) to live in Scotland! ” – L from Stirling, Scotland

” For someone who binges and purges 4-6 times per day – two days have passed since your workshop, and I haven’t felt like binging or purging. I actually had a pleasant breakfast with my folks the morning after spending that day with you! Thanks so much for that, Vathani ! You’ve given me hope, despite having a wobbly morning a day ago! Doing well today! -Liz from Birmingham


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