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Welcome to our web site.
This website came about because we both share a common passion — to help and empower people to live the lives they want.

Vathani is a highly qualified and experienced counselor who specializes in helping people with eating disorders.

I (Mark) am an NLP Practitioner and have a strong drive to help people make practical changes to their behavior, which enhances their everyday lives.

We have noticed that more and more people are looking for help with bulimia. The problem Vathani faced was that she can only help a finite number of people in any given time on a personal basis or in a group setting.

So in order to reach more people, we decided to create this website and offer a range of treatment options for people who are diversified all over the world… hence the birth of BulimiaHope.com.

Bulimia is a global problem and to date there is very little in the way of treatment or cure. Or the existing treatments and cures tend to have many blind spots, specifically in the way they fail to see people in a holistic fashion.

We are proud to have developed our range of treatments, which caters for all aspects of a bulimic’s need. We have assembled an orchestra of fast and effective treatments, tips and techniques which leads you step-by-step along a path to full recovery.

Our vision is to provide you with leading edge solutions to help free you from bulimia once and for all.

To read about our treatment options click on Bulimia Treatments.

With warm regards

Mark & Vathani

Founders of BulimiaHope.com

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