Announcement: Bulimia Treatment

If You Have Decided To Seek Help For Your Bulimia, Then Identifying And Weighing Up The Most Effective Bulimia Treatments Is A Must!

When looking for bulimia treatment, it is important that you find a solution which matches your needs and current situation along side an expert help at hands for when you need it. Because once you begin, it is important that you are able to follow through with your treatment to its logical outcome. To this end, we have developed a range of treatment options which cater for all situations without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Our treatment options include powerful psychological counseling CORE techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT), psychodynamics, nutritional interventions and hypnosis. These are underpinned with leading edge tools such as Neurolingustic programming (NLP), emotional freedom therapy (EFT) and creative therapy to treat your bulimia FAST. At Bulimia Hope, the way in which you receive your bulimia treatment will be tailored to suit your own specific needs, preferences and availability.

Click on one of the treatments below to read about it:

  1. Private one-on-one counselling
  2. Online Group Coaching sessions – A 3 Month SELF-HELP With Support )
  3. Bulimia Self Help: Home-study program
  4. Beat bulimia workshop
  5. Break-Through Sessions
  6. Ask Vathani a question. Also free Monthly Q&A webinar available

Private one-on-one counselling

The single most effective bulimia treatment is the one to one counseling. The sheer intensity and regular frequency such as weekly or fortnightly sessions prove to be the most successful and recommended by N.I.C.E. How often you receive this counseling would depend on how stable or chaotic your bulimia currently is, frequency and severity of your bingeing and vomiting behavior and or exercise/laxative abuse, as well as how quickly you wish to implement changes in your life.

You can choose to receive bulimia counseling by specialist Vathani Navasothy at Bulimia Hope either by:
•    Face to face
•    Telephone (+Skype with Webcam)

Session: £54 per hour-   if based on skype or telephone

£79 for sessions based in Victoria Clinic (Central London – Zone 1)  – Do ask about Concessions (students & Low-waged sufferers with proof only)

Although in person is very effective, the next best option is telephone counseling. If you do not have a fully qualified bulimia counselor in your area, then telephone / skype counseling would be a good choice for you.

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Online Group Coaching sessions – 3 Months With Self-Help & Support

For some bulimia sufferers, in person or telephone counseling can be too intense or too expensive. Group Coaching is the answer to this problem. The bulimia treatment provides a shared and communal learning with others in a similar situation and who want the same outcome.

At Bulimia Hope, confidential groups are kept purposefully small and closed…so you will find that everyone in the group will benefit by getting the attention they need, and not being lost in the crowd.

Those unable to afford individual bulimia treatment will benefit from the same therapeutic journey, without compromising on the quality of the treatment.

Current Group coaching options available :
•    Online SELF-HELP with Weekly Webinar & Video support  (using Telephone/skype and/or Internet) – You get Unlimited off-line private e-mail support with Bulimia Recovery Therapist via the course.

Group coaching varies in duration and is held twice a year, so you can join when you feel ready. This course starts in  11th September 2017

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Bulimia Self Help: Home-study program with e-mail help

If you prefer to adopt a more solos & flexible approach which is tailored to your own schedule, at the pace that suits you and with the regular guidance from a bulimia expert, then the Bulimia Success Program will suit you best.

The Bulimia Success Program is based on the proven success of cognitive behavioral therapy; alongside other complimentary tools to make this method very effective. If you are a self starter and a committed individual with a lot of focus and want to free your life from bulimia and improve your overall health, then this option will appeal to you.

Read more and order the Bulimia Success Program

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Beat Bulimia workshop – London

This option is only currently available to UK residents, Bulimia Hope will shortly make this Beat Bulimia Workshop available in the USA and Europe.

The Beat Bulimia workshop is a whole day, interactive and experiential learning in small group where you can expect some great insight, shifts and break throughs. You will leave feeling confident and hopeful about applying your newly learned techniques and strategies to end all your bulimia behaviours, unwanted emotions and unhelpful thought patterns.

Your workshop investment : £129

Next Workshop: 2nd September 2017 in London (Victoria – Zone 1)

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Break-Through Sessions

If time or a regular commitment is your biggest obstacle and is standing in the way of your bulimia recovery, then a typical 3 hour Break-Through session your eating disorder might be the answer. This is not for the faint hearted, as the intensity and insight is very concentrated with powerful applications of techniques, with a guaranteed shift for you!

Transformational treatment objectives, which you agree with your bulimia specialist during the FREE 30minute call before the session, will be achieved allowing you to return to your life with an altered perspective, new skills, strategies and a laser focus end result on your recovery. This treatment is based on a “solution focused approach” combining transformative tools such as CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, and EFT and is now offered in London and over the web based skype session no matter where you live in the world !
Note: Session will last till you experience the Bulimia Break-through Transformation with additional support and help via follow up 60minute call !

3 Hour Break-through Session Fee: £399 (+ One Hour follow up call, 7 days later = Free)
SKYPE Breakthroughs are NOW available ! Please contact us, to find out how it will work for you.

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Ask Vathani a question

At times, knowing which way is forward can be very unclear, leaving you with too many questions and not enough answers.

On the other hand, you may be a parent, friend or family member and want to ask about:
•    Signs and symptoms
•    What may cause bulimia nervosa
•    A medical question
•    Food, diet and weight loss
•    Changes in behavior
•    Other eating disorders like anorexia and binge eating

If this is you, you may find it reassuring to know you can write directly to a bulimia expert at Bulimia Hope and ask your question (E-mail: . Your question will get answered within three working days. Although this is not therapy in itself, it is certainly the push many people need to start their bulimia recovery or to help them with managing relapses.
You may also like to join Vathani on her free Monthly Bulimia Q&A webinars see below!

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Webinar (Free Monthly Bulimia Recovery Q&A)

If you are a sufferer who is already engaged in treatment or were recently…yet feel the need to keep your finger on the pulse and get new ideas to motivate you and keep you on the straight and narrow. Or guide you at your most vulnerable time before a lapse turns in to a relapse…this form of easily accessible internet monthly support may be the option for you.
Click here to access your next free bulimia webinar with Vathani Navasothy–  LIVE or access the recording after event!

Next Date: 1st September  2017 

Time : 8pm GMT, 3pm EST , 12pm PST

If this appeals to you, you can subscribe to a monthly 40 minute call on various and relevant Bulimia treatment topics, which is packed full with therapeutic tips, and simple advice on how to do things for yourself without the need for a therapist.

An mp3 recording will be made available to subscribers of this service where they can download it and listen to it on their IPod. If you listen to the call live then you will also have the option of asking your questions LIVE on the call and getting immediate answers.

Want to join Vathani’s Free Monthly Recovery Webinar with Q&A? Then sign up .
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Online Bulimia Video Support & Momentum

For those who wish to further develop themselves, or those currently only able to make a minimal commitment to their bulimia recovery, you can subscribe and regularly watch new videos coming up on Bulimia Hope YouTube Channel .  You can also follow Vathani weekly on Bulimia Hope Facebook Page.  These popular and empowering videos , inspirations, advice , tips and strategies will give you tools for your specific bulimia problems and issues.

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Ask Vathani a question

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