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What Are The Challenges with Bulimia Recovery?

Getting bulimia treatment is only half the story, your greatest challenge and growth towards a bulimia free life will come from mastering everyday challenges, developing new habits & behaviors, emotional management and increasing your comfort zone to adopt new ways of life that weans you of bingeing and purging.

Your bulimia recovery will start with understanding the specific causes and risks that make you bulimic in the first place. Binge eating is something universal to all of us throughout our lives at some point, and it is appreciating this point that can liberate you from your struggle with food and an eating disorder, like bulimia.

It may help to view your recovery as a continuous process, which aims to understand and master the shift in all three vital areas of your life: your body, your mind and your emotions. Too many people attempt to fix one aspect without much long term success, because there’s a part of them with a blind spot which ignores other issues. Bulimia treatment will expose you to these pit falls, as well as your strengths so you can be better equipped to make your recovery a lasting one.

Generally, undetected stress, depression, poor health, anxiety, poor assertiveness skills, lack of self awareness and self care can hinder your bulimia treatment as well as your bulimia recovery. Many also fail to make that lasting change due to a lack of vision, clarity of what is expected of them, skills to follow through, and strong reasons to recover in the first place. This combined with the problem such as not having the right person or people to support your ongoing recovery work, looking for short cuts or quick weight related outcomes can all stop you from succeeding with your bulimia recovery.

In our experience here at Bulimia Hope, what helps your treatment and recovery are: knowledge and skills to motivate you, especially when the going gets tough; your ability to honor yourself and work on your body confidence and self-esteem; effectively manage co-existing conditions such as depression, anxiety or panic disorders; developing realistic and achievable step by step goals that you can review and build as you grow as a person; become more in touch with what you need, what you want, and what you can realistically get out of life; a sense of balance and centeredness in all aspects of your life. These are some of the major components to a successful bulimia recovery plan.

As you begin to master the art of reducing your bingeing and purging, you will also learn how to adopt coping mechanisms that take a positive look at lapses that appear in your recovery journey. Rather than view them as a disaster and give up too soon, you will find at Bulimia Hope we will guide you, give you the information and the tools to learn from these minor lapses and turn them around so you will never suffer from that same mistake again. That will help you regain the control you lost to Bulimia, and firmly hand over personal power back to you!

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