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Awakening Dawn
If you are looking for private and professional counseling to help you overcome your bulimia then this is the site to visit – click on the counseling button and read about all the options available to you.
This website provides an informative downloadable pdf file which may be of some help if:

  • you feel that your eating or dieting may be a problem
  • other people worry that you have lost too much weight

It does not deal with the problems of being overweight.
This Help guide began in 1996 in honor of Jeanne and Robert Segal’s daughter, Morgan Leslie. The goal of the website is to help empower people by guiding them toward appropriate information and care for their problems and needs.

Pathways to recovery from bulimia
Beat Bulimia is a one day workshop designed and delivered by Vathani Navasothy designed to overcome the turbulence of eating disordered behaviour and provide you with the tools for ongoing recovery and healing.

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